Foot Fetish

Foot Care Tips

I’m a Little Obsessed with Feet:

Are you having back, hip, knee, ankle or foot pain? Here’s a little adjustment that may EASILY help you out.

Let’s Talk About Flip Flops:

When you wear a backless shoe, mule or a slide in, you must grab the shoe with your toes to make sure they don’t fall off. Basically – they don’t connect to our feet. This means we have to work our muscles in an unnatural way to keep them on.

After a while this pattern leads to shortened toe muscles which can lead to things like loss of balance, hammertoes, loss of foot arch strength and plantar fascitis. New research shows that “gripping to keep your shoe on changes many things about your gait – read this as knee, hip and back or structural instability

WHAAAA- Now What?

Don’t despair. Don’t kill me I love them as much as you, BUT limit your flip flop time or better yet grab a really cute sandal that has an ankle strap.  I’ve seen a bunch of cute ones out there. I just gave you a reason to go shoe shopping. 🙂  Converse All Stars are always a good choice – especially if you need a pedicure. Just make sure there’s something around your ankle so that your toes don’t have to grab. See below for a cute girly example. Here’s a great resource for< summer shoes or yearly shoes for us Floridians, as it were.

These are easy fixes and your feet will love you for it.

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