I Want Enlightenment and I Want It Now!

I feel you.  That was the recurring theme in my yearly attempts to start meditating.  Over the years, I would create a pretty space, read some blogs/books/articles and carve out some time. Repeatedly I would be tough on myself.  I was that person who said, “Meditation doesn’t work for me.”  “My thoughts are everywhere.”   Apparently, I am not alone.

I’m also a reformed Type A personality.  These days my goal is to be Type C whilst still getting the dishes done.  But I have softened, re-negotiated with the inner perfectionist witch and have had a steady meditation practice for a few years now.  I don’t get to it daily, all the time, but more often than not it’s a 5 – 6 day a week practice.  I’ll call that a win.  Guess what?  It’s life changing.

Meditation has a subtle effect on your life.  Soon you will be taking deep breaths instead of grinding your teeth at the car that just cut you off.  You’ll look at the family member you normally wish to stab at Thanksgiving and realize their path is just really different than yours.  And that’s OK.  That line at the grocery store – It’s a great time to take some deep breaths to center.  It’s good stuff and obviously you want in on the PFM.  *Pure F^#*ing Magic.

If you’d like to join me, head on over to my Introduction to Meditation Module (insert link)

Over 8 weeks, we will try 8 different ways to meditate.  Some will resonate with you now, some won’t, but you’ll have them in your toolbox when the time is right.  It’s only 10 minutes a day.  Because magic can happen in minutes, don’t you think?

I do.


PS – I’ll never share your email address.  Integrity is a big word around the Marlowe household.

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