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Massage Therapy


I have found over the years that one person’s deep tissue is another person’s relaxation massage. Interestingly, someone who thinks they need deep tissue work comes in, and midway though the session we discover something totally different and alter the original course.  Pricing by modality isn’t optimum.  Charging extra for aromatherapy?  That’s standard operating procedure in my book – Aromatherapy is included.  It’s essential to a massage barring,of course, allergy.

Have you ever been on vacation at some swanky place, went for a hour massage for a bazillion dollars and they stop at 45 minutes? Frustrating isn’t it?

I offer one or two hour massages (or 90 minutes)  I am also conscious to book 15 minutes in between clients so that you have time to undress, relax and redress and still have the full  amount of time you booked for.


Single Sessions

1 hour –  $80

1 ½ hour –  $100

2 hour – $140


Multiple Sessions

3/1 hour – $200

3/ 1 ½ hour – $270

3/ 2 hour – $400


Because I want to work with you on a regular basis, I offer a discount if  you purchase a bundle for long term therapy benefits. While I do hour massages, my preference and that of my VIP clients is for longer sessions.  First time clients, I suggest you start with 90 minutes. There is also a larger discount on longer sessions.



“If you’re looking for a talented and knowledgeable massage therapist, look no further. Debbie is brilliantly skilled in getting to the root of your problem to make you feel better. She is also friendly, warm and makes you feel very comfortable. I was hooked from my first session and am now a regular.”

– Nicole Magan

Foundations: The Courses

Nourish. Nurture. Revitalize.


My unique specialty is that I enjoy bundling health and wellness services based on your own needs, which change over time.  We are all unique little snowflakes and I will show you how to personalize nutrition and biomechanics to YOUR needs.

I have created a specialized set of questions so we know where you are now, what your goals are and then I can help you get there in the best way possible!

The first step is for you to take my specialized Health Assessment.  I created this assessment tool so you and I could identify exactly where you are at with regards to your current state and goals.  The best part? You can take this assessment after working together and see how you much you have progressed!

Click here to access the assessment, and your results will arrive within minutes in your inbox.  I prepare a customized plan in order for you to select the exact bundle of products and services I offer so looking good is a side effect of FEELING great.

Head on over to my “Online Courses” tab to see my offerings.  I’m always available to chat if you need direction.

You can’t solve a problem on the same level it was created.  You have to rise above it, to the next level.

– Albert Einstein

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