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“My husband and I took a journey and I believe it was a journey to a healthier lifestyle. I go to Debbie Marlowe for massages and along with a great massage, she is always sharing information on ideas and actions that could assist me in feeling my best. After one massage, Debbie suggested that I look at “Whole30” as a way to manage my GERD and the associated cough. I took her suggestion and ended up with a lot of positive results. Yes, we cooked a lot (only dined out two times); we washed a lot of dishes; and read a lot of labels (you won’t believe the chemicals you have been consuming) but it was worth it. Debbie set up a #January Whole30 Facebook group so we could support each other through the process and I also joined the “Whole30” Facebook page and newsletter as well as “Real Plans” Facebook page. Debbie kept the support going with tips, recipes and information from the Whole 30 program. It helps to know that there are others out there on this same journey. Even after our January adventure, Debbie continues to check on my progress and providing the support to keep me going on the right (healthier) path. Because Debbie cared about my whole being enough to guide me through Whole30, we have made lifelong changes to our way of eating and love this new adventure into a healthier way to sustain our health.”

– Marcia Smith

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