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You Came, You Saw, You Relaxed - Now What?

Getting a massage makes everything a little brighter.  You are chill, smooshy, feel great and the world is a prettier place.  THEN you walk out of the door and reality hits. Here’s how to prolong the sensation and how to keep treating your body gently.


As you leave, I will ask you to hydrate.  Many people are severely dehydrated.  The optimum amount of water is 1/2 of your body weight in ounces.  If you are 200# – 100oz of water daily.  If you are 120#, 60oz daily.  Bonus points for another 8oz in the summer and another 8oz for hard workouts on top of your daily number.

Find a cup/bottle that you like and always keep it with you.  I’m currently loving the “FETI” as one of my clients called it.  A Faux Yeti 32oz tumbler from Walmart.  With that 32 oz mug, I know I have to drink 3 of those during the day and preferrably before 7pm.  Make things easy on yourself.  If you prefer there’s a simple, free app called Water Log that helps you keep track too.


I use only premium essential Oils and organic, non allergenic base oils and creams on your body.  Good service starts with good products.  Please leave the oils on as long as possible after your massage.

For home use, use cold press coconut oil to replace all your lotions, potions and creams.  There are so many exotoxins in these beauty products.  Take your make up off with a swipe of coconut oil and a tissue.  Take a shower, rub coconut oil on you and gently pat dry.  So inexpensive and so much better for your skin .  In fact, your skin is your largest organ.  Don’t put parabens and other toxins on your skin.  Natural is where it’s at.  🙂


A great way to keep the structural integrations in check after your massage is to go for a walk.  Be it around the block or a mile or two, get outside and move.  Make sure you are in a straight line.  Meaning – knees over ankles, hips over knees, shoulders over hips and chin and chest back. Also look down and point your toes forward.  Then walk.  This will do so much for your recovery.


I probably gave you some stretches.  Do those.  Or check out the modules here in my online home for more ideas.


Nap post massage if you can.  The walk around the block is more important, but do get to bed early and allow yourself some recovery.

Cut off your water drinking 3 hours before bed.  At least one hour before bed, put the phone/computer down.  They mess with your circadian rhythms.  TV is okay, but probably not ideal.  Make sure your room is super dark and chilly.  Maybe some Yogi BedTime tea and a few yin yoga poses.  Bring everything to a halt.


Grab my favorite, Sombra Natural Analgesic on your way out.  Use as much and as often as necessary.  Arnica and Tiger Balm are nice too.  Switch them up daily.


I want to know how you are doing.  I’ve probably given you some other homework too, more specific to your situation.  Please check in with me on any questions you may have.  It’s a pleasure to work with you.  Call/text me at 727-642-2666 or email me at

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