I like that word.  It’s the undercurrent of what I do daily. To build skyscrapers that reach to the heavens, one needs roots that dig deep, sturdy walls, and concrete constructs. People need those things too.  We all have parts that need work.  My goal is to create programs, systems and structures for you to put in place for real life.  When there’s chaos, travel, stress and disorder, you have the tools and healthy systems in place so you’ll always be stable and steady.

I’m hopeful that we can become partners in your healing — my clients are people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I like to peel the layers of the onion back to find out why your back hurts, why your allergies won’t go away and why your hair is falling out.  The human body is a revelation and if you ask it nicely, it will usually give up all its secrets.  So put on you Indiana Jones hat, I’ll grab the whip and let’s go discover what is ailing you and find your true north.


“Debbie makes me laugh, she is so kind and she just makes me feel so good when I am around her. Debbie has the most amazing energy! She is truly an amazing person! Oh, and Debbie’s massages are the best! But she offers way more than comfort for the body, Debbie offers comfort for the soul!”

– Kelly Sullivan

Editing Ruthlessly

Editing Ruthlessly It’s spring cleaning time.  My Mum used to drag EVERYTHING out of its place, disinfect the entire area and then put it all back to rights.  Even she would giggle at the thought of me doing ACTUAL spring cleaning as a dining room table of laundry is...

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I Want Enlightenment and I Want it Now!

I feel you.  That was the recurring theme in my yearly attempts to start meditating.  Over the years, I would create a pretty space, read some blogs/books/articles and carve out some time. Repeatedly I would be tough on myself.  I was that person who said, "Meditation...

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Should I ice it?

Dearest Reader, Back in the dark ages, when King Arthur ruled and I was a newly minted massage therapist, this was an easily answered question. RICE It was lovely.  We had a great acronym to help out with new injuries called, RICE.  Rest, Ice, Compression and...

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“I’ve been seeing Debbie for three years, I was referred to her soon after arriving in the Tampa area. She is fantastic. I’ve been getting massages on a regular basis since 1992 and I LOVE Debbie. She listens to what you think is “wrong” then gets into those muscles and finds the real problem! She will do just massage or can also add life coaching, yoga stretches, healthy food and lifestyle info or just some humor to make you laugh. Her massage appointments are also a full 60, 90, or 120 minutes (not like the other places). Go for the 90 or 120 minute choices. You’ll be glad you did. I couldn’t function without Debbie!

– Kathi Grist